The guest’s right to complain


Should a guest be provided with services of a lower quality or at a lower scope than had been previously agreed or than is usual at an accommodation facility, the guest has the right to make a complaint.



Filing a complaint


Should a guest discover why the services were of a lower quality or scope, they will need to file a potential complaint with the supervising staff member at the facility where the service was provided without undue delay. In order to expedite the complaint, it is recommended for guests to submit a copy of the order, invoice or other documents about the provision of services when they complain, if such a document is available. Were the nature of the service to require it, guests are also required to provide the defective item they are citing when they make the complaint. The manager of the accommodation facility, or a staff member charged by the manager, is obliged to decide after careful investigation upon how to handle the complaint and whether at once or within a specified period.



Remediable defects


Guests have the right to a proper and timely remedy of all defects without charge, such as replacing or adding minor devices or equipment.



Non-remediable defects


Could a technical defect not be remedied (such as a heating system failure, hot water missing or insufficiently heated) and the facility not provide a guest with an alternative solution, and were the property to have been leased to a guest with such deficiencies, then the guest will be entitled to a reasonable discount off the total price at the applicable rate.



Deadlines for filing complaints


Guests are obliged to complain in person and to provide objective information about the service they have been provided. Were the nature of the case to require it, guests should allow staff at the accommodation facility access to whatever space has been provided to the guest for temporary accommodation in order to ascertain why the guest has complained.