General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions



1.1 These General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) apply both to accommodation and to all services provided by the accommodation facility operator.

1.2 Guests are advised, in their own interest, to become acquainted with these GTC before they book a reservation. The accommodation facility operator reserves the right to change the GTC unilaterally, where any change thereto will be effective when it has been published on the accommodation facility operator´s website. If a guest does not agree to any of the provisions in the GTC, the accommodation facility operator will ask them not to use their services. By confirming their booking, the guest expressly agrees, without reservation, to the accommodation facility operator´s GTC.





2.1 Bookings can be phoned, emailed, or made either through accommodation portals or by filling in the reservation form on the accommodation facility operator´s website.

2.2 If a booking is phoned, emailed or made through the accommodation facility’s reservation form, an offer will be sent to the email address the guest provides. Unless the guest responds to the accommodation facility’s offer within 24 hours, there will no longer be an obligation to provide the guest with service.

2.3 Written confirmation of the booking by the accommodation facility constitutes the conclusion of a contract between the guest and the accommodation facility and carries the weight thereof. A verbal agreement or confirmation of a booking carries no such weight.

2.4 Each accommodated guest is required to comply with the accommodation facility’s rules and the GTC and, by booking at an accommodation facility, the guest confirms that they have read the rules and the GTC and fully agrees with them.

2.5 Unless precluded by the nature of the case, the provisions of this article of the GTC also apply to accommodation conditions of groups, provided the accommodated guest and the person who has made the group booking are jointly and severally liable to the accommodation facility and will follow its accommodation rules while they are accommodated there.





3.1 Guests will pay for their accommodation at the accommodation facility’s applicable rate for the accommodation and services it provides. Guests are obliged to make an advance payment of 50% of the total price and pay the remainder for their stay no later than on the date of arrival, unless the accommodation and the guest agree otherwise. The final bill and invoices for a stay are payable when they are received by the guest.

3.2 The accommodation facility’s current prices for providing services are available on accommodation portals and on the website.

3.3 The accommodation facility, as the service provider, has the right to change its published rates, which enter into effect when they have been published on accommodation portals and the accommodation facility’s website.

3.4 Should the advance payment for ordered service not be paid on time, the accommodation facility has the right to cancel the booking and thus withdraw from the contract, without prejudice to charging cancellation fees.